*Internet access can be so bad whilst working on cruise ships my internet domains become defunct. It has taken me about a year to regain control of domains lost in 2018 and update this site and my starnow.co.uk page. This is still an ongoing process.

Updated March 2019

This is the WAP/mobile/PDA friendly
Jon Asher web page

There isn't much here but it loads
quickly & won't crash your phone
Jon Asher's availability (updated March 2019)
If you have a suitable connection
and hardware you can buy my
here and view the agent's showreel video of me
working live by clicking
(not all videos are "public" on YouTube & Vimeo)
and if you can view videos,
you can view the main site!
Main Jon Asher site
(with frames, links to media etc.)

and it might also be worth looking at my
"Star Now" page
or get in touch for the latest promotional materials and availability ....
pianoact.com pianoentertainer.com pianoentertainer.net jonasher.net