Jonathan Sumpton working as "Jon Asher"
pianoentertainer / piano vocal entertainer / piano bar entertainer / pianist vocalist entertainer 

Contact details:
info (at)
mobile phone: +44 7897218713 (in the first instance, please text or email)

I work purely accoustically with real or electric piano and sing as well as playing harmonica. I can add drum machine and backing tracks if required

1. I have US C1 /D and B1 / B2 expiring January 13th 2020 plus ETA and Canadian ESTA
 2. I have a British Seaman's book
 3. I have a Bermudan Seaman's Book
 4. I have an ENG 1 medical valid until October 17th 2019
 5. British passport valid until September 2022
 6. Yellow Fever vaccine received October 29th 2015
 7. Have travel insurance covering US and Caribbean  etc. (with Virgin) which covers, as far as I understand (untested!) medivaccing
 8. A British passport
 9. A number of "qualifications" earned on ships which tend only to be valid for a short amount of time and need updating, an example of which is

To see ....
my latest showreel, please click here
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my CV, please click
a selection of my photos, please click
my portfolio page, please click
feedback from passengers on Grand Princess (summer 2018), please click
a list of my previous engagements, please click
where you can buy some of my music? 
iTunes Amazon
a list of songs I play with the artistes performing it (and in some cases the key in which I play it), please click

I can perform as a
solo pianoentertainer / pianist / vocalist
in a band as a drummer / pianist / harmonica / vocalist / front-man

I can also
run a choir
give talks on photography, selling photos, releasing / publishing books, releasing music and recordings (podcasts) and aggregating on Amazon / Kindle Store, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer etc.