Rare 33 1/3rpm E.H. 67-3 mono vinyl record of Elston Hall Choir featuring Douglas Gamley and Michael Moores

Guest Conductor: Michael Moores
Guest Accompanist: Douglas Gamley
https://www.allmusic.com/artist/douglas-gamley-mn0000199078/credits and

I can find no evidence on the internet that this record exists so I assume this is the only copy in existence.

Start price £2,000

The Elston Hall Choir singing Sacred and Secular Music

Side One

1. O Esca Viatorum (Philips)
2. I Waited for the Lord (Mendelssohn)
3. The Lord's My Shepherd (Bain)
4. Rejoice Greatly (Handel)

Side Two

1. Bald Prangt, Den Morgen Zu Verkunden (Mozart)
2. Spinning Chorus (Wagner)
3. Non Lo Diro Col Labbro (Handel)
4. Nymphs and Shepherds (Purcell)